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WOWO jingles are considered classics by jingle collectors worldwide, and are highly sought after. Here are some of the classic packages!

PLEASE NOTE: Recently, some people have attempted to sell airchecks downloaded from our site. We could charge for these recordings if we wanted to, but we have made every effort to make these files as open and user-friendly as possible. Many of these recordings require considerable time to obtain, restore and post. We only have one rule and that is DO NOT attempt to sell or otherwise profit from any material on this site. If you notice one of these thieves operating online, please contact us at the link at the bottom of the page, so we can take appropriate action. Thank you.


1950s-1990s Nancy Lee & the Hilltoppers :40 This is the famous Nancy Lee & the Hilltoppers version of the Little Red Barn theme!
circa 1966 Heller :40 A much-requested jingle: the lengthy "Voice of a Thousand Main Streets"
1967 Heller   WOWO custom package
1969 PAMS   WOWO custom package
1972 TM   Composite package that includes cuts from two TM packages, "Phase II" and "Sound '70"
1972 TM   Tracks from TM "Propellants" and "Image '73" packages.
1975-76 TM   Tracks from TM's "BZ '73" package
1979 Tuesday Productions   Custom package
1982 JAM   Custom for WOWO, but syndicated by JAM under the title "We'll Make Your Day."
1988 JAM   JAM's "The Only One" package, originally produced for WNBC, New York.

Special thanks to Don Blesse for historical data on many of these jingle packages. has made the conscious decision to post audio as MP3 files, rather than a streaming format like RealPlayer, so that you may download these files if you wish. All we ask in return is that you do not attempt to hotlink to our files from other sites, and that you do not attempt to sell or otherwise make a profit from them.

COLLECTORS PLEASE NOTE: We have a number of additional extremely rare jingles (not posted on this site) that we are willing to swap. Please contact us if you have WOWO cuts or packages not listed here that you are willing to swap or share.

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