WOWO Top-of-the-Hour IDs

Top-of-the-hour IDs are often interesting little time capsules!

1970 Jay Gould WOWO's lengendary Farm Director with a live hourly ID during "The Little Red Barn."
1973 Calvin Richards
1973 Bob Dell
1974 Jay Gould Another Jay Gould live hourly ID during "The Little Red Barn," with his well-remembered daily sign-off!
1974 Ron Gregory
1976 Gary Gears At times, WOWO would use a generic announcer, rather than an in-house voice. Gary Gears was an announcer at Group W's WIND/Chicago.
Dec. 1976 WOWO Staff, Gary Gears This is a Merry Christmas ID used in December 1976.
1978 Jack Underwood
1979 Jack Underwood Not an ID but still interesting: the weekly station sign-off, Sunday night at midnight!
1981 Bob Sievers  
Feb., 1982 Chris Roberts This ID still includes the Tuesday Productions jingle "It's a Great Place to Be," which was used from late 1978 to early 1982.
June, 1982 Chris Roberts This ID features both the top of the hour theme from the brand-new "We'll Make Your Day" JAM jingle package, plus the older positioning statement "A Great Place To Be," which was eventually phased out.
1983 Bob Sievers An unusual ID: this was used for a short time after the sale of the station to Price Communications, but before it was decided that Price would be mentioned in the hourly ID.
Sept., 1983 Chris Roberts Station ID for a "WOWO Golden Weekend"
1986 Chris Roberts  
1988 Gary Allen Split track illustrating how the simultaneous IDs sounded on AM and FM
1988 Ron Gregory AM ID recorded from WOWO's glorious AM stereo signal!
1992 Jim Barron FM ID

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