The WOWO Aces!


Former WOWO Air Personality and Program Manager Bob K. writes:

Every week, every year, in the dead of winter, the on-air staff would hop in the WOWO station wagon, and several private cars, and head out over the countryside, sometimes 50-miles each way, to help high schools earn money for a pet project.

We were the Mighty WOWO Aces basketball team and we stole all the gags and tricks from the Harlem Globe Trotters, plus we made up a bunch of our own. We'd play the faculty teams from the schools and each of the air staff got $25 for giving up their night. No one ever complained, because we knew that we had to earn the respect that WOWO had as a part of the three state area we covered.

Mr. WOWO, Bob Sievers, was always the coach and Jack Underwood was always the courtside announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Mighty WOWO Aces, and Calvin Richards, who'll be playing a guard. Calvin, which guard are you going to play?" Calvin sniffs his armpits and shouts "Right Guard, coach!" It was cornier than "Hee Haw," but the crowds loved it and laughed at the same jokes, year after year.

This clip is a compilation of several promos from the 10th season of the WOWO Aces, and they were written by Production Director Neil McGinley and myself.

The annual Aces schedule was so well-organized that we even had a how-to manual that was sent to each school to help them make the most of the event!

Bob K.








And here are some very rare WOWO Aces photos from a 1976 appearance in Coldwater, Michigan, courtesy of former WOWO General Manager Warren Maurer:





























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