WOWO Airstaff

WOWO's on-air staff was amazing! Here's a partial list (that's sure to grow):

Bob Sievers (1936 - 1984) (Deceased September 3, 2007)
Jay Gould (Deceased January, 1984)
Dugan Fry (1984 - 1989)
Chris Roberts (1986 - 1995)

Jack Underwood (1956 - 1984) (Deceased February 18, 1992)
Doug Stephens (1963 - 1968)
Paul Ellis (1/1982 - 12/1987)
Gary Allen (late 1980s)

Bob Chase (1955-1963)
Cal Stewart
Don Chevillet (1963-1968)
Dale Ulmer (1968-1969)
Stu Collins (1969-1973)
Chris Roberts 1973-1986 (then moved to mornings)
Jim Reed (late 1980s)

Bob Bolton (1971-1972)
Diamond Jim Brady (late 1960s-early 1970s) (deceased March 6, 2010)
John Cigna (1963-1971)
Bob Dell (1970-1973)
Listo Fisher(early 1970s)
Carol Ford (overnights, July 1976 to 1978)
Ron Gregory (1973-1980s)
Marvin Hunter (1950s)
Larry Kenney (1968-1970)
Dan Knight
Maureen Mecozzi (overnights, 1978 to Feb.,1979)
Randy Meyer (1983-1989)
Terry Morgan
Mike O'Shea
Calvin Richards (early-mid 1970s)
Dale Reeves (1972)
Dick Rice (deceased Feb. 22, 2002)
Tony Robinson
Long John Silver
Chris Underwood
Brian Walsh
Robb Westaby (1978-1984)

Other Airstaff:
Hilliard Gates (June, 1940-1947) (deceased Nov. 21, 1996)
Tommy Longsworth (WOWO musician in the 1930s and 40s; then General Sales Manager until his retirement in 1972)
George Applegate (1937-1938)
Tom Carnegie (1942-1945)
Jane Weston (A WOWO "house" name, used by several women through the 1940s and 50s.)
Neil McGinley
Bob K
John Irwin
Ken Moore
Jim O'Brien
Ken Schurb
Pam Dennis
Dave Fleming
Estel Bodenhorn, "Bodie the Janitor", retired in 1976 after 39 1/2 years as WOWO's janitor (deceased Aug. 5, 1995)

Program Manager:
Franklin Tookes (late 1930s)
Eldon Campbell (early 1940s) (Deceased April 19, 1991)
Guy Harris (1954 to 1957)
Cal Bollwinkle (late 1950s-early1960s)
Neil McIntyre
Jack Underwood (July, 1965 - 1967)
Bob Moomey (Deceased Jan. 10, 2008)
Thom Brown
Alan Mitchell
Dr. Roger Skolnik (Deceased Nov. 5, 1994)
Chris Rathaus (Deceased May 18, 2006)
Bob K
Ned Foster
Chris Witting
Chris Roberts
Chuck Bailey
Gary Noe

General Manager:
Robert G. Duffield (May, 1946 to June, 1951) (Deceased June 29, 1998)
Franklin Tooke
Carl Vandagrift (Deceased December, 1991 in Louisville, KY, )
Warren Maurer
Dan Friel
Bill Latz

Music Librarian:
Sam DeVincent (Deceased December 1, 1997)

News Director:
Hal Cessna (1960s)
Bud Stone
Abe Albright
Glenn Richards
Dugan Fry (mid 1970s)
Art Saltsberg (mid 1970s)
Gary Froseth (late 1970s-early 1980s) (Deceased Jan. 10, 2010)
Victor Locke (early 1980s)
Jerry Hoffmann (mid 1980s)
Curt Miller (late 80s) (Deceased Oct. 9, 2006)

Farm Director:
Jay Gould (Deceased January, 1984)
Dugan Fry
Dave Russell
Pam Geppert
Ron Powers (Deceased July 15, 2001)

Earl Finckle (Deceased July 3, 2009)

Joe Adams
Debra Balyeat (aka Debra Buchanan)
Eric Berman
Stu Dan
Jim Edwards
Bill Fisher
Doug Fisher
Gary Froseth (Deceased Jan. 10, 2010)
Dugan Fry
Greg Goodwin
Rosemary Haddad
Sam Hall
Cynthia Harris
Bill Hartnett
Juanita Hayes
Karen Hensel
Jay Johnson (Deceased October 17, 2009) (After his days at WOWO in the early 1970s, Jay was a TV news anchor in Green Bay, WI for 16 years, served one term as a US Congressman, and was appointed Director of the United States Mint by President Bill Clinton)
Ed Kasuba
Suzanne Katt
Nancy Korn
Victor Locke
Debbie Lowe
Linda Losch
Colleen Major
Dave McGovern
Jim Merl
Curt Miller
Rhonda Pickett
Roger Rayl
Bill Rees
Van Rockefeller
Art Saltsberg
Jim Schweickart
Jim Scott
Jim Slade
Dick Skelton
Bud Stone
Richard Walker
Carrie Wellman

Promotions Manager:
Bob Chase (1960s)
Bill Fong (1975-76)
Calvin Richards (1977-1978)
Barbara Crouse (1978-80)
Andrew Dawson (1980-81)
Barb Geiger (early 1980s)
Doris Lemert (mid 1980s)
Zoe Caron (late1980s)

Music Librarian:
Sam DeVincent (Deceased December 1, 1997)

Chief Engineer:
Bruce H. Ratts (1940s & 50s)
Harold L. Brokaw
Billy L. Wolfe (1960-70s)
Steve Moreen (late 1970s)
Dave Snyder (late 1970s-early 1980s)
Eric Culp (1980s) (Deceased 2007)
Jack Didier (current)

Group W Management Trainees:
Sam Katz ( Producing)
Maureen Shaughnessy (Engineering)

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