Birth of a Station, WOWO!

K.D. Ross was a radio salesman at Main Auto Supply in Fort Wayne in the 1920s and 30s, and was one of the driving forces behind the creation of station WOWO. In the 1960s, Mr. Ross recounted those early days in a booklet titled "Birth of a Station, WOWO." Here is his story:


The following information covers the events and circumstances that led up to the decision by the Main Auto Supply to build a Radio Station and to the many trials and tribulations that followed before the station was air born and is dedicated to those people whose time and talent was so freely given during this period so that Fort Wayne could have a broadcasting station at a time in history when the skeptics considered radio a passing fancy. Being a part of this event and watching WOWO grow from its humble beginning, has been one of the greatest thrills of my lifetime.

K.D. Ross

















WOWO's first studio showing the layout of the announcers desk. The two Kellogg Microphones. The Baldwin Piano which was standard equipment in almost all broadcast studios during this period.

















The home of Harold Blosser on South Wayne Ave. where The Main Auto Supply Company's first broadcast was made. The pole on the peak of the roof was part of the original 5 watter. Mr. Zieg is pictured on the porch. From the results of the broadcast originating here the decision to build WOWO was made.

















The first WOWO Transmitter as it appeared after being moved to the second floor of the Main Auto Supply Company's building, showing the arrangement of the Willard Storage Batteries. Also shown is a Day Fan radio which was used as a monitor. An interesting item of the equipment is the Battery Charger which was originally used to charge the battery of an Electric Auto.

























This picture shows new towers being erected on the roof of The Main Auto Supply Company building. The original aerial can be seen beside the new towers and was being used when this picture was taken.

Birth of a Station, Pt. 2


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